Whilst the average number of sites monitored at StatusCake is six we have also got plenty of users who monitor far, far more.

For those users manually updating each of your tests every time you want to change your preferences – perhaps add in a new monitoring location (we have added 50 new servers in recent weeks!), or change the amount of confirmation servers used before alerting you, can become a laborious task.

Feedback from our Customer Surveys


We listened.  We’ve just rolled out a new fully featured bulk update system.  This allows you to change tests that either match a simply query – for example those that have a check rate of 30 – or you might select tests that have had a period of recent downtime and set the check rate to be constant and the trigger rate slight lower.  In other words, there are all sorts of ways you to determine which tests to select and the parameters to update!

The new bulk update feature is available to all Superior and Business users.  Those of you already on these plans can already access the feature by simply logging into the control panel.

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