New Feature – Tagging & Bulk Updating!

StatusCake is unique in its offering of unlimited website monitor for all of our users – but with the ability to monitor hundreds of tests it does pose the question – how do you keep them organised

And just as importantly how do you update a setting over your entire test collection? With that in mind today we’re happy to announce two brand new features that will make your life easier with StatusCake.


You can now tag your tests – the tags can be anything you choose for example you may want to mark what client the site belongs to, or what server a site is on. These tags can then be filtered down on the main status page with the option of either viewing tests which match all selected tags or ones that contain any of selected. This gives you an easy and fast way to filter right to the results you are looking for. We’ve also added two new boxes on the all status page that show you the combined uptime for the filtered results and the average performance – but we’ve not stopped there…

Bulk Updating

As of today all our paid users can make use of bulk editing options. With bulk editing you can select tests from your main status listing (or filtered down tests using tags!) and then update common settings such as test locations, check rate, trigger rate and contact group. With this latest feature you can change all of your tests to a new setting within seconds.

More tweaks

We’ve also continued to make tweaks and improvements throughout the system – a huge thanks to everyone that has provided us feedback on our ideas system!

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