Yee-Haa – StatusCake Rolls Out Two New Monitoring Centres – Salt Lake City & Dallas!

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We do hope that all our American users had a great Thanks-Giving, spending time with the family and those special to you!

We wanted to mark Thanks-Giving by seeing what we could do to improve the service for all of our customers across the world, not just those on the other side of the pond.  So we’ve opened up two new monitoring centers in Salt Lake City and Dallas – in addition to the two already located in New York and San Jose.   Salt Lake City becomes the first of our website monitoring center to be IPv6 supported; though during the next weeks and months we hope to have IPv6 across our entire monitoring network.

And unlike many of our competitors, with StatusCake you’re able to choose which server you want your website monitoring tested from.   So wherever your business is based there’s always a monitoring center checking uptime and downtime that’s right for you.

So if you have a website, or visitors to your site from the UK, Holland, Singapore, Japan, Australia or the USA you will know exactly, using our real website browser experience, how a visitor from that part of the world views your website.

Whatever you’re doing this weekend you can rest assured that in the unfortunate situation that there’s any issue with your website you’ll be the first to know!

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