New Zealand Website Monitoring

StatusCake is unique in it’s offering of New Zealand Website monitoring. We have test locations around the globe and one of these locations is Auckland. You can select Auckland on any of our paid plans which start from as little as $24.99 – that’s around 37 NZD.

Why Use New Zealand Website Monitoring?

If you are a New Zealand based business does it really matter to you that your website is up in Netherlands if it’s down in your home country? There are hundreds of reasons why your site might be accessible from elsewhere on the globe but not to your next door neighbour – this includes DNS issues, poor cable routing and so on.
Even if your site isn’t down you’re not going to be able understand how well it’s performing if your relying on website monitoring from thousands of miles away. When you use our Auckland test location you can get an accurate representation of how quickly your website loads for other New Zealanders.

Trusted New Zealand Data Centre

The Auckland datacentre we use for testing is designed and engineered to the highest standards. We are located in the Vocus datacentre meaning you can be certain of a quality testing service.

Can you afford not to?

For 37 NZD a month you can rest assured that you know about downtime before your users. This means you are able to respond much quicker to any issues reducing the amount of time you are down for. If the downtime is outside of your control it still means you are able to take to social networks to inform your customers you are aware of the issue – thus ensuring a professional service. We’d take a bet your company’s reputation is worth more than $37 NZD!

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