computer-screen – Instant Desktop Notifications is a simple desktop application created by the StatusCake team.  AlerterCake enables you to get instant alerts to your desktop while you work.

Although built to enable you to have even more ways of being notified to downtime on your website, AlerterCake is not only fully integrated into StatusCake. It is also supported by an easy to set-up and simple-to-use API.  So if you’re a developer you can use AlerterCake to deliver you important messages from third party apps that require your immediate attention.

AlerterCake, currently only available for Windows users, is free to download and use.  Simply sign-in with your existing StatusCake username and password.  If you don’t yet have a StatusCake account you can sign-up for free now. –Code Snippet Storage in the Cloud is a free online tool for storing snipplets of code.  Whatever language you code in SnippetCake is the place to store your code.  Within SnippetCake you are able to create categories and groups, depending on the snipplet of code you’ve created.  Syntax highlighting is fully supported.

SnippetCake is the perfect tool for creating your very own private code library.  Stored in the cloud your code is automatically saved as you go.  But if you’re looking to share code with friends on in blog posts what better way to display it than by using public sharing.   Simply switch the code you want to share from private to public, and you’re ready to go using either a URLor via a simple embed code.

It’s easy to set-up and if you already have a StatusCake account you can use your username and password to login. – Making Media Buying Safe & Transparent is an online traffic analysis and fraud detection system which helps make buying traffic online more safe, secure and transparent.

TrafficCake was created after the StatusCake team carried out a media buying campaign using a well-know advertising network and found that over 30% of the traffic delivered to our landing page was fraudulent.

Carrying out hundred of tests in real-time, TrafficCake is able to separate genuine traffic from the fraudulent, fake traffic.  So whether the fraud traffic is bots rather than humans, wrongly geo-targeted (whether fraudulently or negligently) or otherwise, we make sure that you’re able to tell if you’re getting what you paid for.

TrafficCake works across all media buying, lead generation and website traffic.  So whether you’re spending top Dollar on buying banner impressions, purchasing pop-under advertising or want to verify that the traffic to a domain or website you’re thinking of buying is genuine and not a so-called “pump-and-dump,” TrafficCake can help you.  Visit or contact us to learn more.

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