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If you’re a website owner you’ll know the importance of monitoring site uptime 24/7 365 days a year. is the only provider of uptime monitoring software that allows you to monitor an unlimited number of websites or URLS completely free of charge with our global network of monitoring centres checking for downtime every 5 minutes.  Compare this with other competitor services and you’ll often be paying tens of dollars for this level of monitoring.

Setting up a StatusCake account is quick and easy-to-do.  Using our intuitive set-up wizard you can set up monitoring tests for both http and https websites as well as TCP, DNS tests as well as ICMP Ping in just a couple of minutes.  And if you run a Minecraft server we’ve got a specific Minecraft check just for you.

Having a website monitoring account means that when one of our checks find a fault with one of the tests you’ve set-up – whether the URL is down, sending back the wrong status code, loads slowly or perhaps the match-string fails – then you’ll be alerted.   And because our system is fully automated it is checking uptime24/7 – 365 days a year and never misses a trick.

You choose how you want to be alerted – whether by email, SMS or push notifications for iOS and Android devices.  We also support a whole host of apps such as Boxcar, Pushover, Zapier and PagerDuty meaning there’s more ways than ever to monitor your website’s uptime.

And as if that wasn’t enough you’ll also get free real user monitoring – RUM.  Simply add a simple embed tag onto your page and RUM will give you live visitor data – telling you everything from the browsers and platform your visitors are using, the different load times and much more.

And if you’re looking for premium paid-for features, then StatusCake not only gives you the ability to choose where your website is checked from around the world, but you’ll get faster downtime checks, malware scanning, social media monitoring with new features coming along thick-and-fast.

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