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We’re always huge fans of people who have a play around with the API and create something great – as the CTO here at StatusCake it always brings a huge smile to my face to discover something powered by our service. A wonderful user of ours called Dion recently built a widget for the popular (and awesome) Status Board iPad app. Status Board enables you to get an overview of all the data that is important to you – be it uptime data, performance data or the weather in London!

This is great for those who have a constant want to see the performance of your website in a nifty UI (and I’m afraid to say I suffer from this complexion) Status Board uses a simple enough coding language that enables you to get your data right inside the application by providing a formatted JSON result object – what Dion has done is taken our API and parsed the data and build a script to then echo it out into the format that Status Board expects. The script is coded in PHP and thus should be able to be run on pretty much all major servers and I can attest it works fantastically.

The full source code and guide can be grabbed from Dion’s site located here! As a thanks Dion we’ve upgraded your account for free to our business plan. As always if you have anything nifty to share then please do get in touch!

Daniel, C0-Founder

UPDATE May 2017:  StatusBoard announced that they would be closing down the app.  If you’re looking for a dashboard to show your uptime monitoring stats then our very own StatusCake Dashboard feature is worth checking out.  (Read More: How to Use the StatusCake Dashboards Feature)


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