Turning Real World Objects into Minecraft Masterpieces

San Francisco based augmented reality (AR) experts Dekko have launched a new app which allows users to scan objects using their iPhone or iPad and have them appear in Minecraft.

The technology for this new app was originally developed by Dekko for an iOS game Tabletop Speed in which players could scan their own table top and turn it into a virtual racetrack to then play on.

Users who have downloaded the latest Dekko app will be able to use their iPhone camera to scan any real world object – the app applies a wireframe grid top the object as it scans it.  Once you’re happy with your scanning the user simply creates presses a button which generates a zip file which contains all the objects information which is used to then recreate your real world object virtually in Minecraft.

And if you’re looking to take your Minecraft creations and turn them into something solid and real-world then 13th Lab’s Minecraft Reality takes Dekko’s idea and completely flips it on its head.

James Barnes,

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