Website Monitoring Is Important!

Your brand is the most important thing to your company.

It’s a lot harder to regain trust than to never lose it in the first place and website downtime impacts your users trust in not only your product, but your business as a whole. Downtime is sometimes unavoidable and issues will always crop up, knowing about issues however and then communicating them with your visitors makes a world of difference.

When your site goes down you should be the first to know about it so that you can go to whatever social media streams you use and communicate as loudly as possible that you’re aware of the issue and it’s getting fixed. Visitors are always forgiving if they understand what is going on – but they will savage you if you remain silent and hope no one notices.

It’s no surprise that when the web giants such as Youtube, Google or Facebook are having issues it becomes a trending subject on twitter, but even the smallest site will have users who search “ down” in twitter – and the one way to avoid that mark in the socialsphere is to be the first to report it.

Money is also important!

Though protecting your brand is of up-most importance for long term survival – the bottom line is equally important for day to day operations. It’s needless to say that when your site goes down you’ll be losing whatever revenue you might have otherwise made, be it advertising revenue or sales – and if you’re expecting those visitors to return when your site is back up then you’ll likely be disappointed. Think about all the times you’ve Googled for a product / service and found a dead site, did you bookmark it to come back to it when it’s online or just simply click back and go to the next search result?

Every minute counts when it comes to downtime so the quicker you know about it the quicker you can get fixing it (or getting your host to fix it).

Search Engines Will Despise You.

Google Bot has an immense dislike to your site having downtime – so much so that your search engine rankings will be hit faster than a speeding bullet. Downtime can directly impact where you rank in search engines due to Googles unforgiving algorithms – and just like your brand it’s a lot harder to gain back those rankings than it is to have never lost them in the first place.

Not all is lost however! The quicker you get your site back up the less likely Google is to penalise your rankings, yet again every minute counts when it comes to the impact of downtime.

It’s so simple, why WOULDN’T you?

There are plenty of choices when it comes to Website Monitoring and there are plenty of free services out there that do a great job, (obviously we think does the best job of all) so simply put – why wouldn’t you monitor your website? No matter whether it’s a small hobby site or a huge multinational corporation it takes minutes to setup and can provide you with extremely important data or for those who don’t need perfect uptime – quite interesting statistics!

You don’t need to be the world’s best IT guy to be able to use StatusCake – StatusCake website monitoring allows you to only change the settings you understand – everything else is preconfigured for you, so whether you’re an advanced user or someone who only recently learnt the computer mouse isn’t a rodent that eats your computer internals… StatusCake is for you!



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