WordPress Downtime Monitoring

We’re always looking at ways of providing more in depth website monitoring without the user having to setup complex rules and configurations – it’s with this that we’re proud to announce our latest improvement, Automatic WordPress Monitoring. With our WordPress monitoring you won’t notice anything visually different but we’ve launched a range of testing improvements in the background that automatically detect a whole range of wordpress issues. So how does it work?

Once you’ve added a website test (HTTP or HTTPs) to your StatusCake account our systems will scan the site to determine if it’s a WordPress site – if it matches some of the common indicators for a WordPress site (such as theme locations, admin panel locations and structure) then we’ll add more rules that if triggered will send a downtime alert, these include (but are not limited to)

– Database connection warnings will trigger a downtime alert (no need to setup content matching!)
– Unexpected end of the HTML will trigger a downtime alert
– Slow loading dynamic content or a large range of broken images / cached content
– Known WordPress issues including white page of death and timeouts due to template loops.

This is beyond that of our normal testing which will of course alert you to problems such as timeouts, status code errors and more while ensuring no false alerts! This hyper focused website monitoring is available on all accounts and we’ll be constantly updating our rule set for wordpress to ensure we provide the best option for website monitoring on the market.

If you have any questions about this then don’t forget you can chat to us any time on LiveChat or alternatively just post a comment in the comments section of this blog post!

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