Zapier Set Ups – Keep a log of tests added to StatusCake

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There’s a lot that can be automated within StatusCake using the Zapier app. Today we’ll take you through how to keep an automatic log of any tests added to your StatusCake account, all the data will be stored on Google Sheets, and the data for each new test will occupy one row.


We do store similar data for you with our Audit log feature, but using this method allows you to keep your own hard copy which can be downloaded for offline access.

Before you start, you should decide which pieces of data will be useful. Zapier is able to grab the following information upon test creation:

  • Test Name
  • Test URL
  • Test Type
  • Test initial Status (UP/DOWN)
  • Test ID
  • Paused (0/1)
  • Check Rate
  • Contact Groups (Returned as CUID)
  • Test Tags

You will be prompted to assign these data fields to a column in your spreadsheet, assign the ones that you would like to store, and you will then be able to see the expected results within Zapier.


Once you submit the Zap and enable it, a new row will be added to the spreadsheet each time that you add a new test within StatusCake.

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