Zapier integrations with StatusCake

When we first launched StatusCake we knew that we had to provide easy and convenient ways to get alert when a users website goes down. We already have integrations with the likes of Boxcar, Pushover and Twitter; but there is always cases where we are not able to directly integrate – be it because of time limitations or technical reasons.

It is with continuing in the same vein of that we are happy to announce we are now integrated with Zapier, a tool which allows you to get alerted and / or log downtime over hundreds of services. If you want to be alerted when your site goes down via Google Talk – with Zapier you can. If you want to log when a new site is added to your StatusCake account – with Zapier you can.

You can get started right now with Zapier for free – no matter your StatusCake plan level. There is a growing number of actions you can perform with Zapier (they call them ‘zaps’) including (but most certainly not limited to)

  • Create Google Calendar events when your site goes down
  • Get an IM message via Yammer, Google Talk, CampFire, or AIM.
  • Save details of downtime to an evernote document.

So does this mean we’re going to stop doing 1st party integrations? Of course not! We understand not everyone will want to use another service to manage getting alerts so we fully intend to keep rolling out great new alert methods. We consider Zapier to be an extension to StatusCake alerts (and a great one at that!)

As always keep an eye on the Blog for more news and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter!

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