Revising Your Website For Better User Experience

Have you spent much time lately thinking about your website’s user experience (UX)? There are so many demands on your time that you may not have put revamping your website on your to-do list, but you risk losing potential and current customers if you don’t. There are very few businesses that don’t have competitors and your competition is only a few mouse-clicks away.

UX is one of the keys to your success. If your customers become dissatisfied with your website and you don’t take corrective action, you are gambling with your company’s future. According to computer software company Adobe Systems, about two-thirds of online shoppers prefer a well-designed website over a plain one, and about 39% of shoppers will abandon a site if pages take too long to load. Here are a few thinks to think about when revamping your website.

Check your use of keywords

Keywords are identifying how your customers view your company and the products or services you provide. Therefore, you need to determine which phrase you would use to describe your business in simple and clear language. Once you have accomplished that task, you need to integrate that phrase into the content on your website.

There was a time when a common SEO practice was to use that phrase excessively in content to try to increase your search engine rank. If you haven’t revised your website in a while, you may have some pages written in that manner That practice is called keyword stuffing, and it causes more harm than good. Search engines now penalise you for doing it and keyword stuffing makes your content sound stilted, giving your customers a poor UX. When you revise your website, use keywords naturally and in reasonable numbers.

Make your website design attractive

If you want to improve for UX, you need to learn as much as you can about a customer and design a website that appeals to them. Keep in mind that many potential customers will click away immediately if they consider a website unattractive and that most online shoppers have a limited attention span when they are browsing. Online shoppers tend to scan a site quickly and won’t stay for very long if they are unable to find what they want easily, so you have a limited time to grab their attention with your website design. You need to have a website that has a professional look but also makes it easy for your visitors to scan.

Prominently display your unique selling proposition (USP)

Once customers find your site, they want to know what your company does. According to Adobe Systems, 52% of them expect to find that information immediately on your homepage. You shouldn’t expect your customers to spend time searching your site to figure out why they should do business with you. Your USP should be prominently displayed on your homepage so customers know why they should choose you to do business with rather than one of your competitors.

Revising your website gives you the opportunity to be your own critic and make changes in your website’s content that will improve UX and increase your sales.

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