Articles: March 11, 2013

Product & Updates

Get Alerted To Downtime – Your Way

< 1 min read Decide when & how you’re alerted: via email, SMS Twitter and push notifications for iOS & Android devices. It’s up to you to decide!

Product & Updates

Custom Defined Status Codes

< 1 min read Whether you have a paid or free account, you can receive alerts for 32 status codes & choose exactly which codes you’re alerted for.

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Product & Updates

Content Matching

< 1 min read Content Matching is easy and on all paid website monitoring accounts. There’s plenty you can do with StatusCake Content Matching. See more.

ssl monitoring

Google Glass – The All-Seeing, Every-Recording Eye

3 min read So surely the ability to simply record content can’t be the issue for privacy advocates?  Nor surely does it stack up to say that when someone records on the smart phone it’s more “obvious” – you can spot who is filming you.  I’m not sure that anyone wearing Google Glass is going to blend into the background – in the short term at least.

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