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Content Matching or String Match allows you to type in a string of words into the “String Match” box when adding a new website to test.  You can get to this page by selecting the “Add New Test” tab on your dashboard.

Once you’ve entered the string you want to check for on your website you have a choice to make.  With “Match Format” you can either select “Down if Found” which will mean that StatusCake sends you an alert if the string is found on your website when we carry out our checks, or if you selected “Down if Not Found” you’ll only get an alert from us when the specified string cannot be found on your website.

With Content Matching you can check to ensure no errors are outputting on the page; add in some keywords that would likely suggest your site has been defaced or maybe just make sure that your PayPal payment button is on the page. Content Matching is easy to set-up and is on all paid website monitoring accounts.

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