Articles: February 13, 2015

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SSL Validation & Renewal Alerts

< 1 min read At we make sure that you can see at a glance that your SSL certificate is valid, and when your certificate comes up for renewal we’ll send you a reminder a week before it expires.  Well send out a reminder, along with any certificate errors we discover, to the Contact Group you’ve got set-up for that website

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Alternative To Pingability

< 1 min read If you’re looking for an alternative to Pingability then StatusCake is the perfect website monitoring service for you. StatusCake’s free uptime monitoring is feature-packed and easy-to-use. Unlike Pingability which will only check your website’s uptime every hour, StatusCake ensures you’re on top of downtime by checking your website’s availability every 5 minutes. And unlike Pingability,

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Alternative to

< 1 min read StatusCake is the best and free alternative to downforeveryoneorjustme.  Not only can it tell you when you login whether your website is up or down – and you can use StatusCake’s tools to check uptime and performance from a number of locations around the world, it will also alert you the moment there’s an issue with your site.

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Alternative To

2 min read At StatusCake free website monitoring doesn’t mean waiting an age for your website to be checked. We offer 5 minute monitoring on your websites – however many websites you’ve got!

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