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If you’re looking for an alternative to SiteUptime website monitoring services then you should take a look at the free and paid plans offered by

StatusCake believes in free unlimited website monitoring.

So unlike many of our competitors the moment you want to monitor more than one website, IP or URL for example, you’re not pushed onto a prohibitive expensive paid plan. At SiteUptime for example if you’re looking to monitor more than one website you’ll have to sign up for a paid plan.

And what’s more on a free plan with SiteUptime your website will only be checked every 30 minutes. What happens if your website goes down for 25 minutes and the downtime is missed? Will your customers really come back? Do you really mind loosing that revenue? At StatusCake free website monitoring doesn’t mean waiting an age for your website to be checked. We offer 5 minute monitoring on your websites – however many websites you’ve got!

Free Website Monitoring

SiteUptime StatusCake
Websites Monitored 1 Unlimited
Monitoring Frequency 30 Minutes 5 Minutes
Real User Monitoring
Set Your Own Time Zone Yes
Ping Monitoring No Yes
Multiple Alert Contacts Yes
Graphical Reports No Yes
Maintenance Window No Yes
SSL Server / HTTPS No Yes
SMS Alerts No Yes
Public Reporting No Yes

Premium Website Monitoring – More Frequent Monitoring

SiteUptime StatusCake
Monthly Cost $5.00 $4.99
Websites Monitored 1 Unlimited
Monitoring Frequency 30 Minutes 5 Minutes
Public Status Page No Yes
Custom Ports No Yes

As with many competitor website monitoring services if you want to add extra websites to monitor or increase the frequency of monitoring, the costs quickly add up. The cost of monitoring just 5 websites on a frequency of 2 minutes would cost you $34 .00 per month with SiteUptime compared with just $4.99 with StatusCake. And of course with SiteUptime if you want to add even more sites the costs will keep rocketing – whereas with StatusCake whether it’s 1, 10, 100 or 1,000 sites you want to monitor the cost to you stays the same!

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