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Like many webmasters you may try and load your website and find there’s a problem.  You want to know right away, is my website down?  Is my website down for everyone or is it just me?

If this has happened to you before there’s a chance you’ll have used sites such as  These can tell you at an instant if it’s a local problem affecting just you – maybe it’s your local internet connection – or whether it’s a problem that’s impacting on all visitors to your website.

But whilst it’s important to you at that moment in time to know if your site is down or not, it’s far better to use a website monitoring service, such as, so that you can be forewarned in advance. is the best and free alternative to  Not only can it tell you when you login whether your website is up or down – and you can use StatusCake’s tools to check uptime and performance from a number of locations around the world, it will also alert you the moment there’s an issue with your site.

Having alerts set up means that you don’t need to be sat at your computer checking to know if your site is down.  StatusCake’s free unlimited website monitoring allows you to add unlimited URLs or websites to your StatusCake account, then the moment StatusCake detects your site is not performing properly or is down, it will send you a downtime notification.  You can choose whether to get alerts by email, Twitter, SMS text message or push notifications for your iOS and Android devices.

So using a website monitoring service like StatusCake gives you the peace of mind and security that we’re always looking out for your site – making sure it’s up.  Meaning that you’re not the last to know when there’s a problem!

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