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If you’re a website owner or webmaster you’ll already know all too well the importance of website monitoring, and checking the performance of your website.

Not only do performance issues impact on the user experience of visitors to your website, but slow page load or having a site that is repeatedly found down by the search engines can impact on your organic rankings.

StatusCake provides both website monitoring, allowing you to be alerted to website downtime, but also has a suite of website performance tools where you can check the page load time of your web site.

If you’re looking for the best alternative to then StatusCake has the product for you.   Whereas uptime monitoring with dotcom-monitor starts at $9.99 per month, provides you with alerts on your website’s downtime absolutely free.  There’s no need to sign-up for a free trial with  We’re committed to ensuring that you can tell when your website is up free of charge forever – no 30 day free trials here.

StatusCake also, like dotcom-monitor, offers real user monitoring and performance monitoring.  This means that using our StatusCake Tools you can see how each individual element of your website page loads, and using our guide, can work to improve the performance of your website.  Our real user monitoring enables you to see how each user to your website finds the experience – you’ll be able to tell how it differs on a country-by-country basis, by device or by browser.

If you sign-up for a free website monitoring account with StatusCake you can choose when you’re alerted and how.  So if you want email, SMS, Twitter or push notifications for iOS and Android devices its entirely up to you.

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