If you’re looking for the best free website monitoring, and a great alternative to then is the answer!

Although both and allow you to monitor an unlimited number of websites, the fair-use policy imposed by is less than 50*.  At StatusCake we don’t care whether you’ve got 50 or 100 or more – you’ll still be able to enjoy free website monitoring with us.

And what’s more, the frequency of downtime checks is vastly superior at StatusCake.  At your website will only be checked for downtime every 30 minutes, whereas with a StatusCake free website monitoring account your site’s uptime will be check every 5 minutes.

And although StatusCake offers 5 minute checks for free, if you’re looking for even more regular checks, say for instance 1 minute downtime checks, you can get this with one of our paid accounts from just $4.99 a month.  Something that simply isn’t available at

How you get alerted to website downtime is important as well.  Whilst offer live voice notifications or IM, something that StatusCake doesn’t do, we do offer downtime alerts by email and SMS.  And in fact we also offer notifications by Twitter and push notifications for iOS and Android (we support both Boxcar and Pushover), along with 200+ other ways of getting downtime alerts through our integration with Zapier – something do not do. is feature packed – Sign-up today for the best website monitoring.

* Customer Services – dated 27.02.2013

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