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Do you run your own ecommerce site?  Perhaps you write a blog?  If you do you’ll know that it’s important that when hard-earned visitors come to your site they find it up – there’s nothing worse for killing reputation than visitors coming to your website and finding it down.

And with free website monitoring there’s no excuse for not knowing if your website is down or not!  A website monitoring account is quick to set-up and easy to use.  And if you’re looking for an alternative to then the best web site monitoring service is

With StatusCake our free website monitoring allows you to test an unlimited number of URLs and websites for downtime.  Compare this with MonitorScout where you can carry out only 15 tests.

It’s also worth noting that Monitor Scout’s website monitoring appears to be free only whilst it’s in BETA – and the BETA is available for only a limited number of users.   At we are committed to ensuring that our free unlimited monitoring is free forever.  No sudden charges when a free trial ends – and we’re certainly not in BETA.

Sign-up for a StatusCake website monitoring account today and make sure you’re the first to know when there’s a problem with your website.

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