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At we’re always looking for new countries in which to place our website monitoring centres.  And following a survey we carried out recently, where we asked you to tell us where you wanted to be able to check website downtime from, Poland came out as one of your most requested locations.

Poland may not be one of the largest countries within Europe with a population of just 38 million, but it is one of the most ambitious.  Although the start-up community within Poland is still comparatively small that is sure to change as companies, which have historically focused on trying to be the best-of-breed at home, look to get a more global reach.

The “problem” for Poland some argue is that the domestic market is not big enough to support a truly massive corporation, and at the same time it’s not small enough, for instance like Estonia, for companies to have needed to have looked outwards from the get-go just to survive.

And in terms of US and other western European companies coming to Poland they were late in arriving – seeking out first the bigger more highly populated countries such as Germany – before turning their attention to Poland.  This led again to Polish companies perhaps looking a little closer to home – building localised versions of popular US websites with Merlinplaying homage to Amazon and Allegro to eBay.

What can we expect?

But things are likely to change.  With a highly educated workforce, particularly in engineering, mathematics and computer science there’s a great workforce ready to be let loose on new hi-tech start-ups.  And with around a large percentage of Poles having a keen streak of entrepreneurship – around 27% want to run their own company within the next three years – there’s likely to be start-up boom real soon.

As well as a country of budding entrepreneurs Poland will, over the next seven years, be the biggest beneficiary in terms of EU funding.  In 2011 Poland saw €14.4bn of funding come its way – much of this has not only helped with infrastructure, but there’s plenty of money for getting the all important start-up seed funding.

Poland already has over 20 VC funds which are helping Polish start-ups to raise Round A funding; with a further half a dozen or so able to do second Round B funding.  The number of funds providing later stage funding will almost certainly grow as Polish start-ups start thinking more of the regional and global markets – the bigger market-opportunity and revenues that this brings is needed in order to justify further rounds of fundraising.

For any online business in Poland knowing when their website is up and working correctly is critically important.  Website downtime not only kills revenues and your reputation, but persistent and prolonged downtime can also impact on your website rankings – making your website even harder to find in the search rankings.

StatusCake Plans

When you sign-up for a paid StatusCake account you can choose the location from which your website is tested from downtime.  After all if all your customers are in Poland why would you want to know that your website is up to customers in America?  StatusCake’s Polish website monitoring centre is based in Warsaw.  Our Knowledge Base gives you details of all the locations of our website monitoring centres, as well as their IPs so that you can “whitelist” them.

For more information on our Polish website monitoring centre or if you have any questions at all about the StatusCake service just contact one of the StatusCake team who will be pleased to help you.

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