Monday Update: San Fran’ Page Speed Location, SSL Warnings, DataDog Integration, & Enhanced Uptime Reporting

It’s Monday which means it’s time to once more tell you about some updates that the StatusCake team have rolled out over the last week.

New Page Speed Location – San Francisco

We’ve just rolled out an additional page-speed testing location in San Francisco, USA.  Details of the new location are as follows:


With the addition of this new server we now have 9 page speed locations in total with San Francisco joining Amsterdam (Netherlands), Bangalore (India), Frankfurt (Germany), London (UK), New Jersey (USA), Singapore, and Toronto (Canada).

If you’ve got a request for a new page speed testing location please let us know.  If we get a few requests for a particular location we will do our best to roll it out to you!

Google Chrome & Untrusted SSL Certificates – Warnings

The Chrome browser release, Chrome 70, expected around the week of October 23rd 2018 will mean that going forward the Chrome browser no longer trusts any Symantec SSL certificates.

This disavowal of Symantec certificates means that all Symantec certificates will cease to be trusted from October.  Symantec digital certificates issues prior to 1st June 2016 already stopped working in April 2018.  As such if you fail to replace a Symantec certificate before the October deadline any visitor coming to your website will see “Not secure” in the browser bar when connecting to your site.

To flag this to you we’ve added a new in-app warning for all Symantec SSL certificate owners.  If you’ve got a test set-up within StatusCake SSL monitoring which has a Symantec certificate added you’ll be shown a warning making it clear which one of your tests is impacted.

Data Dog Integration

As you may have seen in our blog post at the end of last week we’ve now rolled out an integration with DataDog.   This joins our stable of integrations which include PagerDuty, Slack, HipChat, and many more.  You can find a list of StatusCake integrations here.

As with all our direct integrations getting up-and-running with DataDog is quick and easy to do.  In very simple terms all you need is your DataDog API key and you’re good to go.  You can find more details on the DataDog integration here.

We’re always looking to roll out new integrations so that you have the power to decide when and how alerts and data are best sent to you.  Not only do you have full control and flexibility, but our research has shown that teams with at least one integration set-up recover from downtime 32% quicker.

We’ve recently had suggestions for RocketChat, Stride, and Telegram integrations so if you’d like to add your vote to any of those, or suggest a completely different integration altogether then please let us know.

Enhanced Uptime Reporting – Beta 

One of the key areas for improvement at StatusCake over the 2nd half of this year is reporting.  Historically we’ve only supported email reports for uptime tests, and only then where all tests in the account are to be found on the one report which you can choose to have delivered daily or weekly.

We’re pleased to say that the first of many improvements is being rolled out today in a limited beta-test.  This will allow our customers to create reports for one, some, or all of your uptime tests.  You simply create a report, decide which uptime tests are to be added to it, and then decide who that report gets sent to and when.

As we roll out more reporting updates we will make further changes based on your customer feedback, as well as rolling out new reporting across all StatusCake features so that it includes domain monitoring, SSL monitoring, and so on.

If you’d like to be part of the beta testing group please contact us.  We’ll be rolling this out to all customers early next week.

Customer Survey

Next Monday we’ll have some news on our Customer Survey which we’ll be sending out to all our customers.  The Customer Survey is not only important for us in helping us to understand our customers better, but it’s your chance to really tell us what you think of StatusCake.  Until next time, have a great week.

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