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For anyone on a StatusCake paid website monitoring plan we now offer a malware detection service. Our advanced malware checking software scans your website at the same time as checking for downtime. So if you’ve set your website to be scanned for downtime every 30 seconds, we’ll also check your website for malware every 30 seconds as well.

StatusCake’s malware detection monitor’s any and all files delivered from your domain. We check that every file sent to us is safe and secure and can’t cause any harm to visitors to your website.

StatusCake also ensures that you benefit from Google Safe Browsing – the Chrome malware alert system. We index all pre-published alerts, meaning that we can alert you to any problem with your website before Chrome starts blocking your website.

Using our own proprietary software, and through our partnerships with leading software security services, we can ensure that we catch all malware. If we do find malware on your website we will notify you by sending alerts to the Contact Group set up for the infected website.

You can see the status of your website by going to the “Current Tests” tab in your dashboard. When you select your website’s status page you’ll know that your website is safe and secure when you see the box confirming that your “Your Website is Safe”.

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