Website Monitoring in America

Since we launched, having a big presence in the United States has been an important part of StatusCake website monitoring service.

We’ve grown our number of monitoring centers in the US over the last few months, so for those of you who haven’t checked our Knowledge Base or StatusCake News posts for a while you may not realize just how many monitoring centers we have.

We’ve also made some changes recently, switching from locations and servers which do not support iPv6 to ones that do. Helping us move towards our ambition of ensuring that our global network of website monitoring centers are all iPv6 fully compliant.

As part of this move we have, for now at least, shut down our San Jose monitoring center (it only supported iPv4) and added in a new monitoring center in Las Vegas.  We now have six monitoring centers in the United States, all save for our second server in New York are fully iPv6 supported. Details of their IPs, so that you can white-list them, are provided below. You’ll find details of all our monitoring center’s in the Knowledge Base.

In order to select a monitoring center, rather than have our systems allocate a random center to you, you must be signed-up to one of our paid website monitoring plans. Premium plans start from just $4.99 (which will allow you to select two website monitoring centers from which your website’s uptime will be checked) – and if you sign-up for a year you’ll get two months absolutely free.

• United States, Vegas

• United States, New York

• United States, New York #2 (Not iPv6)

• United States, Dallas

• United States, Salt Lake City

• United States, New Jersey

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