Hello! Welcome to the new blog. You may be confused by thinking we already had a blog so why have we now relaunched it? Previously our blog included all sorts of things including StatusCake updates, industry posts and generally was a mixed mismatched affair. From today all the StatusCake news and updates will be contained within our “News” section of the website and this blog will take on a new role as being a place for our team to write about the technology world around them.

We hope to write at least a post a day about whatever is on our mind; this can be anything from some great resources for creative web designers all the way through to our view on a new startup company. Our blog will not be filtered through a company filter so to speak and the opinions posted will be that of the poster – this means while you may disagree with some points we hope you understand that it doesn’t reflect a company wide opinion. We also plan to have some guest posts so if you got a message you want to get out there then please do contact us.

It is very much our hope that by creating this blog we will be able to write some genuinely helpful and interesting posts – and hey even give you a few laughs here and there! Please do feel free to get engaged within the comments of the posts and as always we’ll be listening to feedback about this new area of the site.

Finally if you’re worried that we’re going to be spending time on writing the blog posts and not enough of time on the application itself then fear not – posts will be written in the free time that we have. So without further-ado let me once again welcome you to the new StatusCake Blog

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