Why Affiliate Websites and Bloggers Should Promote SaaS Affiliate Programs in 2019

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SaaS Affiliate Programs have become very popular in 2019 with both online publishers and bloggers. Today freelancers working online can sign up to a variety of SaaS affiliate programs on offer and start sending their traffic via their affiliate links to your online store and if these users buy one of your products or services, the affiliate website gets paid a commission for the sales driven by them.

Affiliate Marketing is a simple and straightforward way for websites and bloggers to maximize the earning potential of their online traffic and social media presence. Affiliate Programs have come a long way in the past few years with affiliate tracking software making it easy to install affiliate banners and text link offers with any website or blog.

As in the traditional affiliate marketing space, SaaS marketers are required to send buyers to the merchant’s website and in turn, they get paid commissions in a very simple and effective sales transaction.

Sell Innovative Software Products Via SaaS Affiliate Programs

SaaS (Software as a Service) companies offer their digital solutions over the internet also called cloud-based products. SaaS companies sell their products on a subscription model and once bought the user can access them and integrate them online or via mobile devices.

The SaaS technology sector keeps growing each year with new product offerings and companies delivering new applications and software solutions to businesses and online users alike. This means that there are now more opportunities for affiliates than ever before to make good money by promoting technology and software companies of all types and benefit from selling innovative digital products that are only available for purchase over the internet.

The distribution over the internet of SaaS services continues to grow in 2019 and in all parts of the world as it avoids the old traditional model of software installation and maintenance of the past. For affiliate marketers, SaaS web-based software being delivered over the internet makes it an ideal product to be sold online and for affiliate websites to generate high and recurring commissions.

SaaS Affiliate Programs A Growing Industry

SaaS (Software as a Service) is today the most successful software delivery model and continues to grow in 2019 and for several good reasons. SaaS software products are cost-effective as suppliers can share the costs across a large user base, they are also very simple to use as the software is available via the internet anywhere in the world and SaaS products offer a high level of security too.

A great advantage of promoting SaaS software solutions is that they are located in cloud environments that are easy to scale up. In this instance, users do not have to look around to buy software. Users only have to enable the updated SaaS application from the same supplier securing the renewed sale and commission for the affiliate.

Affiliate marketers are always looking for innovative products and services to be promoted on the internet and SaaS Affiliate programs offer the opportunity to further monetize the affiliate’s website traffic and social media presence.

Another advantage for affiliate marketers is that SaaS are digital products only available over the internet which means that users are actively searching and purchasing SaaS products online.

SaaS Products Are High Basket Value Products

Affiliate websites want to maximize the value of their audiences when they promote an affiliate program and one of their considerations is the average order value as a key performance metric and key to earning high commissions.

For affiliates and bloggers, alike affiliate marketing is the best way to monetize their online presence by marketing and promoting SaaS products and gaining access to innovative products that are only available online.

These affiliate sites promote SaaS products by listing and reviewing their products and services to online customers and by doing so earning high commissions. The affiliate marketer, therefore, has the incentive to promote superior software products and make good money in the process. Today there are many SaaS affiliate programs out there selling anything from online courses, email marketing, online tools to hosting, and website monitoring services. These software affiliate programs offer the opportunity to make high commissions and pay commissions rates over 20% and 30%.

High Paying Commission Affiliate Programs for SaaS Products

One of the main considerations for affiliate publishers when it comes to promote and market any affiliate program is the commission rate and how much they expect to get paid is one of their main motivating factors. SaaS affiliate programs are well placed to fill this gap in the affiliate market as they offer very generous commission rates and, in many cases, also recurrent revenue for life of the customer.

SaaS Affiliate Programs Pay Recurring Commission

There are two main commission models in Affiliate Marketing, one off commission payment whereby you as an affiliate refer buyers to a merchant via your affiliate links. If the referred user makes a purchase, you get paid a one-off commission and therefore the more your leads make a purchase the more commission you earn.

This is the model used by a large number of publishers in traditional affiliate verticals, for example, electronics, travel, fashion. In this commission model as an affiliate, you earn either a percentage commission for the sale or a fixed amount per unit sold but not for repeat sales generated by the affiliate at a future date. The alternative affiliate commission model is the recurring commission model where affiliates and bloggers get paid commissions for life. Under this model, affiliates get paid every month for life, and as long as their refereed customers keep renewing its subscription to a given service.

The two above commission models are used extensively by Affiliate Networks who manage affiliate programs on behalf of many online businesses. In-house SaaS affiliate programs mainly use the lifetime recurring commission model to reward its affiliate base and therefore making their affiliate programs very attractive marketing proposition for publishers wanting to maximize commissions.

Affiliate marketers should therefore seriously focus their marketing efforts with SaaS Affiliate programs as we have shown they can create a successful recurring commission business.

It takes the same amount of effort to promote high paying commission SaaS affiliate programs as it is to promote an affiliate program that pays poor commissions and only once!

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