SaaS affiliate marketing for writers, bloggers, and webmasters – a high earning option


What is SaaS affiliate marketing?

SaaS (Software as a Service) affiliate marketing is a very lucrative marketing option available to copywriters, freelancers, bloggers, and webmasters alike that offers the opportunity of creating a passive income by using their copywriting skills. The main requirement is to have the passion and dedication for creating insightful and useful content for readers online and make a high affiliate commission along the way from the referred affiliate sales.

The main advantage of SaaS affiliate marketing is that it’s a realistic option for making money online with a very small risk involved and with patience, the opportunity of high monetary rewards. Bloggers and webmasters can generate high commissions by promoting software products and digital services to customers looking for software solutions for their online businesses by making sure that their websites offer a smooth online shopping experience to customers.

SaaS is software that is hosted centrally on the cloud and provided to customers over the internet without the need for downloading and installing a copy of the application on a customer’s computer as it was done in the past. The user can then access the software from their computer or mobile devices with the additional advantage that SaaS software allows for new updates over the internet and in real-time depending on the user’s needs.

SaaS affiliate marketing is an important distribution channel for SaaS companies offering a variety of web applications including CRM solutions, payroll, sales management, database management, website performance, and web metric management systems. The variety of software affiliate programs available today offers bloggers and webmasters a new way to earn a high commission with SaaS Affiliate programs by creating content featuring the main characteristics and advantages of using these software products and how customers and online stores can benefit from using these digital products and services.

SaaS affiliate marketing – how to start?

One of the easiest ways to getting started with SaaS affiliate marketing is by adding informative, unique, and useful content to your blog or website in order to rank in the search engines, attract visitors and build an audience for the SaaS products that you want to promote. If you do not have a blog, it’s very easy to start one and there are many free resources on the internet to help you set up one. A blog is a very effective way of building your audience, delivering sales, and earning commissions via your affiliate links.

By focusing on promoting SaaS products and services, you are increasing your chances of success as the affiliate space today is very competitive. By focusing on this highly lucrative segment, it will help you rank well in the search engines where most of your traffic will come from. It’s also very important that you devote your time and energy to creating high-quality, unique, and useful content in order to get more internet traffic and deliver more online sales and commissions.

Applying to affiliate programs

Once you have decided on the type of software products that you want to promote in your blog or website, the next thing is to find and apply to these affiliate programs. The simplest way is to search for the relevant SaaS affiliate program in Google or by directly contacting the company that sells the SaaS product of your interest, for example, if you want to promote website and uptime monitoring services, you can apply directly to StatusCake Partners.

Creating a side income with SaaS affiliate programs

To succeed with SaaS affiliate marketing, it’s very important to find the right product to sell to your audience and also to partner with the right SaaS product and services companies. There are lots of software and tech companies that pay high and recurrent commissions to affiliates referring new customers to them. The amount of commission that you can make depends on the product that you sell, for example, if you become an affiliate with StatusCake Partners, affiliates earn a 30% lifetime commission for every new paying customer that they refer.

SaaS affiliates can also maximise their audiences by promoting software products to them with reviews, product comparisons, and free software trials to incentivize them to try and purchase the software. It’s important to add regular, unique, and insightful content to help potential customers make the buying decision and, in this way, close the sale and earn commissions from the leads that you send to the merchant.

Bloggers and webmasters promoting SaaS affiliate products can benefit from the increase in the demand for online services as online shopping keeps growing there is more demand for web hosting, CRM solutions, video conferencing, social media applications, and website monitoring services. An effective way to make money from your user base is to offer them software products from different SaaS companies and in this way earn an income from each of these SaaS affiliate programs.

For example, if your blog is about advising users how to set up a new blog or website, you can recommend a specific web hosting service, domain registration, website templates, email software, and additional web tools to run a website successfully on the internet. To help you drive new sales and commissions and get new leads, SaaS affiliate programs offer a wide range of creative materials including images, articles, discount coupons, and free product trials.

SaaS affiliate programs that pay high commissions 

One of the main advantages of promoting SaaS affiliate programs is that they pay high commissions, making them the most attractive affiliate vertical to bloggers and webmasters. These SaaS affiliate programs can afford to pay these high commissions as the SaaS product that they sell has a high lifetime value. For example, the StatusCake Partners SaaS affiliate program pays 30% lifetime commission to all its affiliates based anywhere in the world. The program approves applications within 24 hours and is free to join.

SaaS affiliates benefit from earning recurring commissions

SaaS affiliate programs that offer recurring commissions pay their affiliates not just once but for the lifetime of the referred customer. This means that SaaS affiliates earn commission on the sale of the product or service every time the customer renews their subscription with the SaaS company and in this way, creating a passive income for as long as the customer stays with the company. The important thing is to promote a product that adds value to the customer and is used regularly so that the customer renews the service for a long time. Good examples of SaaS affiliate programs that pay recurring commissions are web hosting and website monitoring services, for many years now affiliates have been promoting these services via affiliate programs and earning high and recurring commissions.

SaaS products have a high average order value

The average order value (AOV) is a metric used in the SaaS affiliate marketing space and is simply a measure of the average total of every order placed with the SaaS merchant over a selected time period. Affiliates should take into consideration the AOV of the SaaS product that they want to promote as this is an important consideration in order to generate higher commissions. For example, StatusCake offers two paid plans to users Superior and Business both offering monthly and annual subscriptions. The StatusCake annual Business plan cost would be US$792 offering a great opportunity to make high affiliate and recurrent commissions by earning 30% in commission not just once but every time the customer renews the subscription.

Tracking your sales with StatusCake Partners SaaS affiliate tracking software

StatusCake Partners SaaS affiliate program uses tracking technology supplied by Post Affiliate Pro, a SaaS technology company that specialises in affiliate technology, with many years of experience in the affiliate space. Post Affiliate Pro affiliate tracking software provides accurate and reliable tracking of affiliates’ traffic, leads, and sales including the handling of media assets and commission reports.

How does the affiliate program work?

StatusCake Partners affiliate program welcomes applications from bloggers, webmasters, and digital marketers from any geographies with applications being approved within 24 hours. Once your affiliate application is approved, you can log in to your account and get your banners with your tracking links and add them to your blog. We recommend that you add a small piece of content about the benefits and advantages of installing our website and uptime monitoring services. 

Once a visitor from your blog clicks on one of the StatusCake banners or text links placed on your website, they are redirected to the StatusCake website where they can register for a FREE account. StatusCake then tracks the visitor when they click on an affiliate link or StatusCake banner with the visitor’s IP logged, and a cookie is placed in their browser for tracking purposes, and if the visitor registers for a paid plan the sale will be registered for you generating an affiliate commission!

Affiliate customer support

StatusCake Partners is ready to help you answer any marketing, technical and product questions that you may have with support offered via email, Twitter, and Skype. We are ready to help our affiliates in making the most effective and correct use of our affiliate program including help with creative integrations, troubleshooting, and promotional support.

Join StatusCake Partners SaaS affiliate program

SaaS affiliate programs’ main advantage to affiliate marketers is the high commissions they offer, as they can afford to pay high commissions due to the lifetime value of their customer being very high. StatusCake Partners pays 30% lifetime commission to all its affiliates based anywhere in the world and can be easily promoted alongside web hosting, domain services, website tools, and email services affiliate programs. You can join the program completely free here:

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