Why is avoiding mixed content on your pages important?

Mixed content occurs when the site is accessed over a HTTPS secure connection, but other resources on the page are loaded through an insecure connection. This is defined as “Mixed Content” as both HTTP and HTTPS content are being loaded on the same page when the request started as a secure HTTPS request.

In most cases users will receive a warning from their browser to indicate that this is the case when visiting the site.

5.7% of Sites are Impacted
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To protect the integrity, security and secrecy of your data where necessary. It’s required that all resources be served over a HTTPS connection. If there’s a single resource on any given page that’s not secured in this way then your users will be informed that the page is not fully secure upon visiting.

Having a fully secured page will assure your users of the following facts:

  • Visitors can be sure of the identity of the website.
  • Visitors can be sure that nobody has tampered with the data they send and receive.
  • Visitors can be sure that nobody unauthorised can view the data that they send and receive.

The Solution

With StatusCake you can now ensure that none of your pages contain Mixed Content, we’ve built this functionality into our SSL monitoring feature, so you can now be alerted the moment anything of this nature is found.


It’s important to note that mixed content will only be detected by us on the page you are testing, so a test on your homepage’s URL for SSL will not detect mixed content on other pages of the website. If you want to test more than one page then multiple tests would be required. Also worth remembering is that resources requested from scripts or within iframes will not be checked.

The option is enabled by default for all SSL testing as it’s an essential thing to watch out for – and alerting will fire automatically for any SSL tests that currently have a contact group. If you do not have a contact group attached to your SSL test it’s just a case of adding one and then entering the settings to select the “Mixed Content” check box.

For information on how to use the feature please check out our Knowledgebase article here.

We hope you like this newest addition to the wide range of tools we offer at StatusCake, and just let our support team know if you have any questions

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