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If you’re looking for an alternative to the website monitoring service provided by, then is the place for you.

StatusCake’s compelling free monitoring not only packs the features of many premium services, but allows you to monitor an unlimited number of websites, URLs, IPS or ports.

This compares with the hard limit placed on’s free plan which only allows you to monitor up-to five websites. In addition the regularity of checks with Site24x7 is only 10 minutes on their free website monitoring plan. With StatusCake’s free website monitoring plan checks are carried out every 5 mins – twice as regularly as Site24x7 – meaning that if your website goes down even for a few minutes (and those crucial minutes are important!) we’ll make sure you’re alerted to the fact.

Being alerted to web site downtime is critically important. StatusCake alerts you to downtime in a whole number of ways including by email, Twitter, push notifications for iOS and Android devices as well as integration with third party applications such as Zapier. And if you want alerts to your phone by SMS, then a $50 top-up-pack gets you 500 credits at StatusCake versus only half that – 250 credits – at

So if you’re looking for the best Site24x7 alternative, and if you want premium website monitoring services then we can assure you that you’ll find more features for less money at as our comparison table below shows.

Free Website Monitoring StatusCake
Websites Monitored 5 Unlimited
Monitoring Frequency 10 Minute 5 Minutes
Real User Monitoring
Extra SMS Costs $0.25 $0.10
SMS Credit Alerts ($50 Pack) 250 Credits 500 Credits

Premium Website Monitoring – More Frequent Monitoring StatusCake
Monthly Cost $8.40 $4.99
Websites Monitored 1 Unlimited
Monitoring Frequency 1 Minute 1 Minute
Location Monitors 1 2

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