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How To

Using Social Media for Affiliate Marketing

7 min read Today, social media uses a wide range of different social networking platforms to help its users with the creation and sharing of ideas, information, personal interests and hobbies by establishing virtual networks. Affiliates can drive sales with these!

How To

5 Ways to Optimise Your Site for Mobile

4 min read An optimised mobile site is crucial to any business hoping to maximise the value in its website traffic. So how can you optimise your website for mobile?

How to Deal with Unscheduled Website Downtime

3 min read If you’re a business owner or are responsible for the maintenance of a company’s web presence, you will know that website downtime can happen at the most inconvenient of times. Unplanned downtime is never welcome. Your website is the online face of your business, and any period in which it is inaccessible to your clients

How To Start Affiliate Marketing In 2020?

7 min read What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is a type of performance marketing whereby an advertiser or merchant offers the opportunity for its products or services to be marketed and sold by others in exchange for a commission payment. The affiliate gets paid a commission by recommending the product or service in its affiliate website and

Partnership Promotion Strategy for More SaaS Affiliate Commissions in 2020

6 min read Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative marketing channel for freelancers, bloggers and social media marketers to make money online with very small risk and with high monetary rewards. Digital marketers can create a viable business online without having to make big cash investments or having to borrow working capital to start a business on the

How to Choose a Web Hosting Provider

4 min read Are you starting up a new business website, or just looking to change hosting to a new provider? Identifying the right web host for your website can be a real headache for businesses. There are so many providers out there, all offering a variety of features that all appear quite similar, making it difficult to

How to Reduce Time to First Byte

4 min read When it comes to website and search engine optimisation one of the first topics that comes up is page speed. In the case of SEO, for example, we know that Google looks at page speed when determining the ranking of pages in its search engine. There are many means of measuring page speed, but little

Successful Website Migration Checklist

3 min read Are you in the process of migrating your content to a new website? If so, you’ll already know that this is one of the most taxing and demanding experiences a webmaster or business owner can undergo. Unfortunately, the process known as content migration is a necessary part of a website redesign. This is where content elements

Creating A Passive Income with SaaS Affiliate Marketing in 2019

4 min read Affiliate Marketing in A Nutshell Affiliate marketing is a type of paid for performance marketing whereby promoting an advertiser also called merchant, the affiliate gets paid a commission once a sale has been made for their product or service. After joining an affiliate program, the person running for example a website or blog becomes the

SaaS affiliates – Make money with affiliate marketing in 2019

4 min read Affiliate Marketing Has Come A Long Way Affiliate Marketing has been around for over 20 years, with the first affiliate program set up in 1994 by PC Flowers; Gifts to sell flowers online. This was followed a couple of years later by Amazon who set up their own affiliate marketing program in 1996. Since then

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