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Google Announces Implementation of Penalties for Intrusive Mobile Pop-Ups

2 min read Pop-ups on pages can be intrusive and provide a poorer UX than those pages where a visitor can immediately access the content, especially on mobile devices with small screens. The majority of searches now take place on mobile devices, and Google is reacting to that new reality.

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Google to Implement Mobile-First Indexing

2 min read Google will implement mobile-first indexing incrementally over the coming months, so you have enough time to get your site ready. Upgrade your site using a responsive design that automatically adjusts to display properly on both desktops and mobile devices. Test your new site thoroughly before launching, and verify that Google’s search bot can index your mobile site.

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Google Takes to African Skies

< 1 min read Read more on how Google is moving beyond the North American & European markets & is looking to Africa & South-east Asia.

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Google News to Pay in Germany?

2 min read The battle with Google & German authorities progresses as the Bundestag approved a bill requiring Google to pay a fee for news snippets. Read more here!

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Google Glass – The All-Seeing, Every-Recording Eye

3 min read So surely the ability to simply record content can’t be the issue for privacy advocates?  Nor surely does it stack up to say that when someone records on the smart phone it’s more “obvious” – you can spot who is filming you.  I’m not sure that anyone wearing Google Glass is going to blend into the background – in the short term at least.

Get Notified Via Our Chrome Extension

< 1 min read already has one of the largest selections of downtime alert notification methods known to the website monitoring industry – but that does not mean we should relax and stop adding great ways to get the message to you that your website is down. Today we are happy to announce the release of our Google

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