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How Page Speed Affects SEO

2 min read We all know page speed is crucial but not just for you brand – it affects SEO so hugely that it can make your pages drop in ranking.


Over 40% of Online Advertisements are Too Large and Slow Down Websites

2 min read Large ads have been a major issue with online publishers who have been struggling with how to curtail what many call “fat ads.” The oversized ads have a major impact on the ability of website visitors to see them as they can’t view them if they don’t load properly.

Five Tips to Make Your Mobile Site SEO Friendly

2 min read The trend for people to prefer using mobile devices rather than traditional desktop computers continues to increase, with important considerations for online retailers. According to web form publisher Formstack, conversion rates for smartphone visitors have been rapidly increasing compared to desktop conversion rates. To take advantage of this trend and remain competitive, you need to

How to Speed up Your e-Commerce Website

2 min read These days, advances in technology occur at a rapidly increasing rate. One of the most obvious changes has been the increasing speed of the internet, which mirrors the increase in the number of internet users around the world. If you’re an online retailer, making sure that your website loads quickly is not always easy. Many

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Largest Newspapers Worldwide Hurt by Slow Loading Time on Mobile Devices

2 min read You would think that the largest news sites would perform exceptionally well on mobile devices, but this is not true in most cases. According to a study conducted by mobile industry intelligence firm DeviceAtlas, the average time that it takes a major newspaper site to load is about 10.5 seconds, with the worst-performing sites taking

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Online Ads Are Slowing Web Page Loading Speed

2 min read Advertisers are constantly looking for ways to reach potential customers. As technology changed, so did the focus of advertising. Advertising burgeoned with the advent of radio and grew even more as television reached more and more homes. With the advent of the internet, advertising now appears to be a constant presence. Many organisations welcomed the

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How Page Loading Speed Affects SEO

2 min read With regard to effective SEO, page loading speed is crucial. If your website does not load quickly, visitors to your site are likely to leave rather than wait for it to load, and search engines will penalize your site’s rank if it performs poorly.

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How to Keep Your Online Customers Happy

2 min read The rule states that if a site doesn’t load within eight seconds, most visitors will leave and go elsewhere. After this most visitors will leave and go elsewhere.

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Five SEO Mistakes That Hurt e-Commerce Companies

2 min read Research firm Statistica estimates there were about 2.43 billion people using social media at the end of 2016 and Facebook alone has some 1.59 billion users. If you’re not linking your website to social media accounts and using social media for marketing, you are ignoring a significant way to reach potential customers as well as interact with your existing customer base.

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How to Improve Online Customer Satisfaction

2 min read For your e-commerce business to succeed, you obviously need satisfied customers. E-commerce is becoming increasingly competitive and your customers will quickly find an alternative if they become unhappy with your service. Here are a few tips to help you keep your customers happy, engaged and purchasing your goods or services.

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How to Optimise Website Performance

2 min read Optimizing your website means systematically improving your website’s performance to make sure it is tailored to meet your business goals, whether you are trying to increase sales, get more leads or get more readers. All visitors to your website are trying to accomplish something and optimizing your website makes it easier for them to do

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Four Easy Ways to Improve Your Website’s UX

2 min read You will have favourite websites that you return to repeatedly. They have earned loyalty by efficiently providing high-quality goods and services that meet your needs. Your website should do the same – providing a consistent and relevant user experience (UX) to your visitors and customers is vital. Here are a few suggestions to help you

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New Feature: Page Speed Monitoring

2 min read We listened to feedback on improvements you’ve asked for. Read about our new Page Speed Monitoring feature here.

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