Integration Spotlight: DataDog

Today we’ve added a new integration with the DataDog service. This means that you can now import your monitoring data from StatusCake to DataDog each time that an UP or DOWN status is triggered on a StatusCake test.

Once the data is coming in to DataDog from StatusCake it right away becomes searchable along with any other data you choose to import, and there are some great management tools to ensure that you are getting the most out of the information you bring in.

As well as being fully observable all data can be implemented into a range of environments, ranging from Dashboards to it’s own REST API.

With DataDogs advanced tools it’s made very easy to track performance and generate easy to read service overviews. All data will be graphed for you and you can even set up custom alerts for undesirable trends.

The integration also comes with a full audit log, so it’s possible to see exactly who acknowledged or picked up and alert, when they did it, and what was done to fix the issue.

If you’d like to get set up with our newest integration, just check out the guide here on our Knowledge Base to get started!



Monday Update: Bulk Upload, StatusCake Pages and a new testing server in Israel

Today we’ve got a few new additions to take you through, and you can expect some other changes still to come as the week progresses!

More test types for the Bulk Upload tool

The bulk upload tool (“Bulk add when creating a new uptime test) now supports all test types apart from DNS and PUSH. Previously only HTTP tests were supported for use with this tool, however that’s now been expanded to all test types where possible.

Bulk Update is now supported for the following test types: HTTP, HEAD, TCP, PING, SMTP and SSH.

SSL support for StatusCake Pages

We’ve also just introduced support for SSL access to StatusCake Pages. This means that much like our recently introduced public reporting addition, you can now set up CNAME records to access your StatusCake Page via https://

Custom Logo support for StatusCake Pages

You can now take the customization and branding of your StatusCake Page a step further with our new custom logo upload functionality. This allows you both to insert and choose the position of your custom logo on the page.

New server in Israel

We are pleased to be once again offering a monitoring location based within Israel, this testing server is based in the Tel Aviv area. You can find the up to date information on IP addresses and other factors via our online locations list. The new IP address for use with whitelisting will be:


Integration Spotlight: Microsoft Teams

Today we’d like to take you through some of the advantages of using one of our newest integrations for getting StatusCake alerts: Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is a complete solution for chatting with other staff members, as well as arranging and attending online conferences. The software makes it very easy to host audio, video, and web conferences where you can communicate both internally within your organisation, as well as externally to clients and others when required.

One of the most powerful features within Microsoft teams is the complete integration with office 365 services, well known examples including Word and Excel. Meaning that you can store the data for all notifications received in this way – making it very easy to create audit logs and keep general monitoring health records. If you use StatusCake monitoring as well as Microsoft office services within your organisation then the Teams integration is certainly worth a try.

If you just want to use the integration as a more basic system to manage your alerts from StatusCake (without any bells or whistles) then this is certainly an option, Microsoft teams allows for basic as well as advanced set ups, meaning that most organisations should be able to find a fit for their use-case.

Teams comes by default with Enterprise level security, compliance and reliability so it’s a great option for anyone who needs a solution that they can depend upon. The application is supported across a wide range of platforms and operating systems, meaning that you should be able to get StatusCake notifications through Microsoft Teams where ever you are.

As of today (July 12th) Microsoft teams have released a free plan that rivals competitors in the space like Slack. So there’s never been a better time to grab an account and give this integration a try!

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Monday Update – this week’s changes

We’ve got a few things to update you on this week, and you can find all of the details below:

Bulk Upload for TCP and PING type tests

Today we’ll be adding Bulk Upload capabilities for both PING and TCP type tests. This will be done with the “Add Bulk” button next to the URL field when adding a new test. It’s previously been possible to do this for the HTTP type tests, and we’ll continue to implement changes with the aim of supporting all possible test-types.

Mobile Responsiveness updates

As part of our commitment to improving the mobile experience for all StatusCake users we’re undertaking a gradual redesign of the mobile website view. This week you’ll see big differences and usability improvements in the Domains section, as well as the Bulk Update tool. We’ll continue to make and update you on these improvements as work progresses!

Brazilian Currency now supported 

Great news for our customers residing in Brazil – you can now take a StatusCake plan in your local currency, cutting down on currency conversion costs and giving you more bang for your buck. As well as subscriptions we also offer SMS credits in Brazilian real.

Force Test tool added to SSL

It’s now possible to force an SSL test once per 24 hours in order to grab the most up to date results. This can be done from the details/info page for each SSL test, and after pressing the button you can expect to have data within a maximum of 5 minutes.



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Integration Spotlight: PushBullet

Today we’d like to shine the spotlight on another of our great integrations for receiving StatusCake alerts to your mobile device or browser. It’s a great integration to use if you’d like to get your alerts from StatusCake completely free of charge, and has a rich selection of features on both the free and pro plan (which comes at a subscription cost for more advanced users).

On the free plan you’ll get 2GB of storage for your notifications – meaning that it will be a long time before you’ll need to worry about clearing any out. If you do expect to get a lot of notifications into your channels then there’s an optional upgrade to 100GB of storage, which everyone should struggle to fill. If however your channel is used for file uploads and other activities separate to the StatusCake alerts then this can be a good option.

PushBullet comes with end to end encryption built in – this can be enabled or disabled depending on the user’s preferences. There’s also a full API which can be used to extend the functionalities of the software, in terms of the StatusCake alerts this enabled you to define rules for how they are received, parsed, handled – and where they go to next. It’s also got the ability to convert your notifications from us into a different format

A great feature of PushBullet is that it can take your StatusCake alerts and re-purpose them into notifications for other apps and systems, including SMS and a variety of mobile messaging apps including the hugely popular WhatsApp and Kik, you can set up rules for certain alerts and they will be auto-converted to the desired platform upon their arrival.

PushBullet mirrors notifications across all platforms, so you’ll get the same alert in your browser that you do on your phone or tablet. Whatever device is in use – you can rely on a unified notification experience with all alerts appearing at the same time.

Another handy function you’ll find is called “Unified Copy/Paste” which means if you copy an important piece of text in one PushBullet window, it will be in your clipboard on all other devices with that window open!

If you would like to know a little more ab0ut this integration just check out our Knowledgebase article here – and for any questions feel free to get in touch with our friendly support team!