Over 40% of Online Advertisements are Too Large and Slow Down Websites

2 min read Large ads have been a major issue with online publishers who have been struggling with how to curtail what many call “fat ads.” The oversized ads have a major impact on the ability of website visitors to see them as they can’t view them if they don’t load properly.


The Most Expensive Website Downtime Periods in History

4 min read An extended period of website downtime is the stuff of nightmares for companies large and small. For a company such as Amazon, even one single minute of downtime can cost as much as $220,318.80 according to the latest calculations. For smaller companies, that figure will be minuscule in comparison, but it’s a number which can quickly snowball the longer your website is offline.


.EU Domains in a Post-Brexit Britain

2 min read The .eu top level domain, TLD, is run within an EU framework and the right to register and own a .eu domain name is subject to eligibility criteria – in short, being an EU citizen, or being a company established in the EU.  For British citizens and companies in post-Brexit they’ll no longer meet the criteria to register, or indeed continue to own their .eu domains.

The Cost of Website Downtime

3 min read With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just behind us and the Christmas and January sales on the horizon, the cost of downtime is a question that should be of concern to all business owners and e-commerce managers. It should be a concern, but is website downtime always given the consideration it deserves in your business?

How to Reduce Website Downtime

3 min read You are probably well aware of the negative impact downtime can have on your website and your company as a whole. Any period of downtime can quickly result in lost sales and leads, a factor which multiplies depending on the average traffic your website usually receives. What’s worse is that those lost sales and leads

Website Management Tips for Business Owners

4 min read Whatever the nature of your business, whether you are a freelancer or an online retailer, the quality of your website is key to the success of your organisation. A well-run website serves as the online storefront of your organisation, acting as the destination point for people who are searching for the services you provide or

Best Affiliate Program Alternative to Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

7 min read What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is an important online customer acquisition channel that enables online retailers and merchants to do business with digital marketers and online marketing agencies over the internet. Affiliate marketing allows online merchants to successfully run affiliate marketing campaigns by tracking affiliates performance in terms of impressions, clicks, numbers of sales,

High Paying Partner Programs for Christmas 2019

6 min read The Christmas Shopping Season of 2019 is expected to break sales records over Christmas 2018 online sales of US$765 Billion in the US and up to 12% according to the US National Retail Federation. In the US and the UK, the Christmas shopping season is the busiest shopping time of the year and accounts for

Affiliate Websites and Merchants, Are You Ready for Black Friday 2019?

6 min read What is Black Friday? The name originated in the US and it was given to the shopping day after Thanksgiving Day, which is the fourth Thursday in November with many Americans on holiday the following day.  As most people are off work on the Friday following Thanksgiving, shops started cutting prices to entice customers just

Why Affiliate Websites and Bloggers Should Promote SaaS Affiliate Programs in 2019

5 min read SaaS Affiliate Programs have become very popular in 2019 with both online publishers and bloggers. Today freelancers working online can sign up to a variety of SaaS affiliate programs on offer and start sending their traffic via their affiliate links to your online store and if these users buy one of your products or services,

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