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E-commerce trends you can use in 2017

2 min read These reports have identified some major e-commerce trends that developed last year, and it’s worth taking the time to review them and see how you can use the information you glean to improve your operations this year.


Focus on Post-Purchase Experience to Improve Customer Satisfaction

2 min read According to a recent study by consumer marketing firm Narvar, how your customers perceive their post-purchase experience can make the difference between a one-time customer and a loyal one that keeps returning to your site to make a purchase.


Real-Time Pricing for Small e-Commerce Retailers

2 min read Most e-commerce sites do not change their prices very often. Larger companies like Amazon continually change their prices in real time to keep a competitive edge and try to increase sales and profits. Until recently, the high cost of implementing real-time pricing made it prohibitive for smaller retailers from using real-time pricing, but this is

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How to Keep Your Online Customers Happy

2 min read The rule states that if a site doesn’t load within eight seconds, most visitors will leave and go elsewhere. After this most visitors will leave and go elsewhere.

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Three Ways to Help Stop Customer Churn

2 min read . If your business is subscription based, you know when customers leave because they have cancelled their subscription. With a traditional retail business the answer is not always clear-cut.


Five Considerations to Make Before you Advertise

2 min read The whole point of advertising is to communicate with your customers and motivate them to make a purchase. To do that effectively, you need to know a lot about them.

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Five SEO Mistakes That Hurt e-Commerce Companies

2 min read Research firm Statistica estimates there were about 2.43 billion people using social media at the end of 2016 and Facebook alone has some 1.59 billion users. If you’re not linking your website to social media accounts and using social media for marketing, you are ignoring a significant way to reach potential customers as well as interact with your existing customer base.

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How to Boost Your e-Commerce Site’s Performance

2 min read With numbers like those, it’s certainly worth spending some time evaluating and tweaking your site. There are many e-commerce sites, both big and small, that stand out from the crowd, and here are some ideas you can use to help you join them.

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Boosting eCommerce Sales of Hard-to-Sell Items

2 min read Your competitors may be selling the item at a lower price, or customers might view a product with a low price as a product with low quality and avoid buying it. Adjusting your prices might be the solution in these cases.

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