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SaaS affiliate marketing for writers, bloggers, and webmasters – a high earning option

6 min read If you’re a blogger, a writer or a webmaster, joining a SaaS affiliate marketing program could help you build fruitful, long-lasting partnership with some pretty amazing companies. The plus side? You get to make a passive income on top of your day job! Read out to go about joining an affiliate marketing program here!

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How being customer-centric could make you into a billion-dollar company like Amazon

6 min read You might not think being customer-centric is important – especially since customer’s can tell you the negative things about your product that you just don’t want to know. But Amazon’s new Build It platform takes customer-centric to a whole new level and it’s proven to make big money. Want to know how? Check out this blog and take note!

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Globally used DNS provider Network Solutions suffers an outage

2 min read The 4th biggest domain registrar in the world, Network Solutions, has been suffering an outage since 17th March. Find out everything you need to know here and how it’s affecting customers on a global scale.

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How social media influences what we buy online

8 min read Social media. We all have it (well, 99.9% of us) and it has a huge impact on our purchasing decisions. Don’t believe me? No problem! Read this blog to find out how social media is shaping your buying habits and influencing what products you buy online.

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Everything you need to know about the Malwarebytes hack

3 min read You’ve probably heard about the Malwarebytes hack in late 2020. But do you know what and how it all went down? Find out everything you need to know about one of the most shocking hacks on an antivirus software and what you can do should it happen to your website!

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Website downtime: 4 more major websites that have gone down in the last month

3 min read We’re only halfway through March and already some of the biggest and most-used websites in the world have experienced downtime. From LinkedIn to Netflix, no website is safe from the dreaded downtime. Read about the latest websites affected here and what you can do to prevent it happening to your site.

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Celebrating women that influenced technology on International Women’s Day

5 min read This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating women throughout history who have changed the way we use technology today. Although we haven’t mentioned even 1% of these incredible women, we hope these few will inspire you and help to lift up other women to do greatness.

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Your Online Safety: SSL Certificates Demystified

3 min read As a customer shopping online, sometimes we don’t pay attention to making sure the sites we are visiting are safe and secure. We want to change this by making sure you’re in the know about SSL certificates and why’re they’re important to you as a customer. Check out our blog to learn more.

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How to make remote meetings work during lockdown

4 min read Remote meetings can be so difficult, especially with the many screams of “you’re on mute” and lateness from people getting out of their pyjamas. That’s why we thought we’d help you out with some top tips on how to make remote meetings work for you during the lockdown in 2021. From good mental health to time management at home, there’s a formula to effective remote meetings and it’s all inside this blog!


The hidden powers of content revealed

4 min read It’s easy to forget that content is a revenue driver, especially since you can’t specifically track its ROI. But I want to show you content from another perspective – show you the power that content has on your business and customers. Read on to find out exactly what revelations are inside.

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Why you should join a SaaS tech affiliate program this year

6 min read If you’re looking to earn extra income from a high quality, high commission affiliate program then this is the blog for you. All of the top partner programs you should be using and how you can start affiliate marketing all feature. What are you waiting for?

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The fault line: How to communicate in a crisis

5 min read Things will inevitably always go wrong at work, even though we try our best to ensure things never do. How we communicate during these troublesome times can have a direct impact on our business from brand loyalty to customer satisfaction. Here’s the top tips for how to manage your communications in a crisis with step by step guidance to maximise your chances of keeping customers happy.

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