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Website downtime: The one where Google Maps went down

2 min read March saw many of the big tech companies have technical issues with their products and services. But the biggest one was by far the colossal Google; Google Maps experienced the much dreaded website downtime impacting thousands of users across the globe. It was reported online that Google Maps had suffered a partial outage meaning that many couldn’t access the location tool. Read all about it here.

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Website accessibility for all, by all

4 min read
It is so important that every aspect of the web is accessible to all, and if – like me – you work in digital, then it is our responsibility that we make that happen. Here’s how!


The hottest new UI trends for 2022 (and how to achieve them!)

4 min read The web as a whole is constantly evolving and alongside this comes fantastic innovations in how we display content to the user. Some companies are really leading the way when it comes to innovative user interfaces, so in this blog post I will be highlighting a selection of the trends that these companies are pushing forward and how you can recreate them yourself on your own site.


The endless capabilities of Storybook

4 min read As a developer, I am a massive fan of documentation and (as you can probably tell from my previous blog post) also a big fan of Storybook. If you’re interested in what Storybook is and how to set it up, or integrate it into your existing project, you can find out more about that here.  However, in this post, I am going to be outlining why you should be using Storybook and each of its features and capabilities. This is in addition to (at the time of writing) some exciting new additions to the library.

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Apple outages: A week Apple would like to forget

2 min read We all know and associate Apple as a reliable and innovative tech giant which sets endless new trends for its industry. It’s arguably the one company that many aspire to be like and emulate with the massive global growth they’ve seen over the past decade. But even this goliath tech company has its bad days and unfortunately for Apple, it had a whole week of bad luck that tested the patience of its customers across the world.

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Why is website monitoring so important?

3 min read you’re not sure what the benefits are? Don’t worry, I’ve compiled a list of the top reasons why website monitoring is so important to you and your website. But you don’t have to take my word for it, read on and find out.


The best maintenance pages for website downtime throughout the years

4 min read You might think that a customer seeing a maintenance page message when they land on your website is a bad thing but think again. If you’re clever with your branding, you can really show off your personality, and make website visitors feel better about not being able to access your website. Never thought that could happen, right?

Well I’ve put together the best maintenance pages across the years to show you exactly how you can make planned website downtime look like a breeze.


Using ASP.NET Core to create a CRUD WebAPI

5 min read In this blog post we are going to cover writing a bare-bones API in ASP.NET that can read, write, and delete data from a test database. Read on to find out more!


Creating a D&D character in Python

7 min read Use our guest blogger’s guide to making a Dungeons and Dragons character using Python. Walking you through each and every stage, you’ll be making your own character by the end of the day!


Mobile optimisation: Is your website still struggling?

3 min read What are some of the fundamental ways that your website can change depending on the mobile and browser? There’s a variety of things on your website that can be impacted depending on what the customer is using to look at your website. Read on to find out more!


A developer’s guide: The differences between SQL and NoSQL

4 min read Choosing the right method to store your data can be a critical decision early in the development process. When deciding on which type of database to choose for your project it really comes down to the data structure you wish to use rather than the specific product or provider. In this blog post, we are going to look at relational and non-relational databases and explore the differences and use cases for both.

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The most shocking websites that experienced website downtime in 2021

3 min read 2021 saw some of the biggest websites on the internet experience outages that rippled across the globe. If you thought that “large” companies couldn’t experience website downtime, unfortunately, you were wrong. Website downtime can happen to any website, small, medium, or large, and it can happen when you least expect it. Thinking that the proof is in the pudding? Check out the most shocking websites that went down in 2021.

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