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Design Systems – A Storybook & React Tutorial

6 min read In this tutorial, I’ll be using one of the most popular frontend tools for building a design system – Storybook. This works really well with React, so I’ll be setting up a React project with an example component and showing you how to integrate Storybook within that.


Top 10 Visual Studio Code Extensions for Developers in 2021

7 min read Are you a developer? Yes? Great! You’re going to NEED to read this blog. It’s a high-level run through of the top extensions that you should be using in Visual Studio Code. You’re welcome!


DNS Lookup Explained

3 min read Do you know or understand the importance of DNS? Shaking your head? So few people know the answer, don’t worry. That’s why we’ve gone through it all right here in this blog.

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Why you should focus on page speed & stop using pop-ups

4 min read We recently conducted a poll on LinkedIn about the biggest turn-offs for website visitors. The results? Poor page speed and constant pop-ups are the biggest pet peeves. Find out everything you need to know at the impact of these foes and what you can do to make sure your website isn’t getting a huge bounce rate because of them.


The Best Affiliate Programs in 2019 For Web Designers, Bloggers and Digital Marketers

4 min read New businesses go online every year and along the main digital channels of SEO, PPC, Newsletter Marketing, and Social Media; online businesses have an important and cost-effective customer acquisition channel in affiliate marketing.  Internet businesses require a simple and effective way to onboard digital professionals to help them sell their products and services online, while

New Role – SysAdmin Wanted

2 min read Get in touch with us at [email protected] We are looking for an experienced SysAdmin to join our fast growth business. You will work directly with our Head of Tech to support the development, and maintenance of our back-end services as we move towards more cutting edge technologies, which you will help make decisions on. You will

The Impact of Website Downtime on SEO

3 min read When your website goes offline there are many factors for you to consider as a priority, such as the loss in traffic and sales and/or leads.

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