Product & Updates

Feature Update: New Reporting Capabilities

< 1 min read Today we’ve introduced an overhaul of our reporting tool which will make it much easier to get the exact data you want to be sent out to the people who need to see it. Previously it was only possible to send an automatic report for all uptime tests in your StatusCake account. A big change

Monday Update: San Fran’ Page Speed Location, SSL Warnings, DataDog Integration, & Enhanced Uptime Reporting

3 min read It’s Monday which means it’s time to once more tell you about some updates that the StatusCake team have rolled out over the last week. New Page Speed Location – San Francisco We’ve just rolled out an additional page-speed testing location in San Francisco, USA.  Details of the new location are as follows: PAGESPD-USW1142.93.31.1282604:a880:2:d0::2147:7001 With the

Integration Spotlight: DataDog

< 1 min read Today we’ve added a new integration with the DataDog service. This means that you can now import your monitoring data from StatusCake to DataDog each time that an UP or DOWN status is triggered on a StatusCake test. Once the data is coming in to DataDog from StatusCake it right away becomes searchable along with

Monday Update: Bulk Upload, StatusCake Pages and a new testing server in Israel

< 1 min read Today we’ve got a few new additions to take you through, and you can expect some other changes still to come as the week progresses! More test types for the Bulk Upload tool The bulk upload tool (“Bulk add when creating a new uptime test) now supports all test types apart from DNS and PUSH.

Integration Spotlight: Microsoft Teams

2 min read Today we’d like to take you through some of the advantages of using one of our newest integrations for getting StatusCake alerts: Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a complete solution for chatting with other staff members, as well as arranging and attending online conferences. The software makes it very easy to host audio, video, and

Monday Update – this week’s changes

2 min read We’ve got a few things to update you on this week, and you can find all of the details below: Bulk Upload for TCP and PING type tests Today we’ll be adding Bulk Upload capabilities for both PING and TCP type tests. This will be done with the “Add Bulk” button next to the URL

Integration Spotlight: PushBullet

2 min read Today we’d like to shine the spotlight on another of our great integrations for receiving StatusCake alerts to your mobile device or browser. It’s a great integration to use if you’d like to get your alerts from StatusCake completely free of charge, and has a rich selection of features on both the free and pro

Public Reporting Page – SSL Support Added

< 1 min read Starting from today you can now connect securely to our Public Reporting pages when using a CNAME record. This means that users will not see any SSL security related warnings when accessing these pages. To utilize this feature you will need to be on our Superior, Business, or Enterprise plan. The change can be applied

Integration Spotlight: PagerDuty

2 min read Today we’d like to talk a little about our integration with Pagerduty. We’ll go through some of the benefits of using this product in conjunction with StatusCake and overview the functionalities that are unique to this integration. PagerDuty’s digital operations management platform empowers teams to proactively mitigate customer-impacting issues by automatically managing, categorizing, and assigning

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