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Zapier Set Ups – Keep a log of tests added to StatusCake

2 min read There’s a lot that can be automated within StatusCake using the Zapier app. Today we’ll take you through how to keep an automatic log of any tests added to your StatusCake account, all the data will be stored on Google Sheets, and the data for each new test will occupy one row. We do store

Feature Spotlight: Public Reporting API

2 min read We’ve today introduced a fully functional API for use with our Public Reporting tool. This allows you to carry out all of the functions that you would in app, but now you can automate and schedule these tasks instead of needing to complete them manually. What is Public Reporting? A Public Reporting Page displays information

StatusCake App released for iOS and Android Devices

2 min read You can now install our very own StatusCake app on any iOS or Android device. This means you can check your test status on the go wherever you are without needing to log into email or access the StatusCake site in a mobile view! At launch, the app covers Uptime, SSL, and PageSpeed type tests,

Introducing: The StatusCake + Telegram Integration

< 1 min read Today we’ve further expanded our list of alerting integrations, with the introduction of Telegram you now have a new way to receive fast, cloud based and private notifications from the StatusCake app, on the platform and operating system of your choice. Telegram has all of the industry standard features, along with some handy unique ones for

Deploying to StatusCake with Terraform

< 1 min read Terraform is a powerful tool which allows you to build, change, and version your infrastructure efficiently and absent any challenges. It supports a range of existing and popular service providers as well as custom in-house solutions. Terraform has a strong set of features, including Infrastructure as code, Execution plans, Resource graphs, and Change automation. You

Adding tests through the StatusCake API with Postman

2 min read Recently we’ve had a lot of requests for examples of how add new tests through the StatusCake API using the popular Postman tool. In this article we’ll take you through some of the steps required to get you going with this method, below you’ll find an example for each test type we offer, taking you

New Integration: Mattermost

< 1 min read We’ve just added an integration with Mattermost which means you can now get all of your StatusCake alerts through to this application. Mattermost is a deployable, cloud based, open-source alternative to services like Slack, HipChat, and Pushover. The focus is on security and collaboration, with all of the usual essential team functionalities such as File

New Feature : Advanced Email Reporting

2 min read Today we have released our new reporting tool which can be used to send out automated email reports for Uptime, SSL, Domain, and Virus type tests. If you want to get stuck in right away, the new email reporting functions can be found within the User Details section of the StatusCake app. Here you can

Fortnite, AWS, and the Importance of Monitoring

2 min read The Battle Royale game Fortnite has become a sensation amongst online gamers in no time at all. To explain it in simple terms, 100 players are simultaneously dropped into a battleground measuring several (in-game) square kilometres, and must proceed alone or as part of a team towards a random central point on the map whilst

Use Case: Using Maintenance Windows to Set Up Alert Schedules

2 min read For many of our users reacting to downtime data sent from a monitoring system such as is a 24 hour job, and the process incorporates many staff who will have varying responsibilities, and sometimes work quite different hours.  This is particularly true of companies who run “follow-the-sun” with their global dev-ops teams picking up

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