Product & Updates

Product & Updates

New Feature : Audit Log

< 1 min read In the logs, you are able to see the source IP for the user who made the change, and their account email address where sub-accounts are in use.

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Product & Updates

Community Plan Improvements & SMS Cost Reduction

2 min read With Page Speed, all content including JavaScript, Images, and other external resources are loaded, analyzed and their speed presented to you in an actionable way.

Product & Updates

Featured Integration: Discord

2 min read There’s support for multiple staff members and the separation/distribution of alerts into different channels within your discord room too – giving you the power to configure this to fit your needs precisely.

Product & Updates

Updates to Page Speed

2 min read Over the past few weeks we’ve been looking at feature requests on our Page Speed monitoring feature, and today we’ve released the next phase.

Product & Updates

Monday Update – Domain and SSL updates

2 min read We’ve also added the ability to define a custom user agent for the SSL tests. You can set this to whatever you want for development or security purposes, if you do choose to leave this blank then our default StatusCake user agent will be used.

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Product & Updates

StatusCake API Quick Guides – Adding an Uptime Test

2 min read You can communicate with our API through most common coding languages, through this article we will provide code examples in terminal bash, PHP, and Python, as well as an example of how to manually run the commands through a common tool for such tasks: PostMan.

Product & Updates

New Functionality: Mixed Content Checking For SSL

2 min read To protect the integrity, security, and secrecy of your data where necessary. It’s required that all resources be served over a HTTPS connection

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