Product & Updates

New Feature : Audit Log

< 1 min read We are pleased to introduce our new Audit Log feature which will allow you to keep track of the last 7 days of activity within the StatusCake app, nearly every action that can be performed will be logged, from test creation and deletion to the modification of account details like username and VAT number. In

Community Plan Improvements & SMS Cost Reduction

2 min read StatusCake has always valued its community user base; It’s always been our view that if we can support companies at their earliest stages then down the line when they need more advanced monitoring then they know and understand our feature rich product; While other website monitoring platforms are doing more and more to restrict what

Featured Integration: Discord

< 1 min read Today we’d like to take you through one of our newest additions to our integrations for receiving StatusCake alerts. Whilst being a relatively new service, Discord has already made a big impact and already has a user-base of over 90 million individuals worldwide. There are some big advantages to using discord as your alerting platform

Updates to Page Speed

2 min read Over the past few weeks we’ve been looking at feature requests on our Page Speed monitoring feature, and today we’ve released the next phase which introduces a wide range of improvement and new functionality. Tracking Options One of the most frequent requests we’ve had is giving our customers the ability to ensure that Page Speed

New Features – Basic Test editor and test exports in CSV format

2 min read Today we’d like to introduce two great new features available on the StatusCake monitoring platform, we’ve received a lot of requests recently for the new functionality these will offer. You can read more about exactly what the new additions enable you to do below! Basic Test Editor Our new basic test editor allows you to

Monday Update – Domain and SSL updates

2 min read Today we’ve made some changes to our Domain and SSL features to make your monitoring set ups more effective, and cover a wider range of use-cases. SSL Monitoring Updates Hostname field added to SSL You can now add a custom hostname to the settings of your SSL test. This is very handy in cases where

StatusCake API Quick Guides – Listing tests and detailed settings

2 min read In this post, we’ll take you through how to list tests from your account, and their detailed settings through the API. There are two functions involved here, first is the function that lists ALL tests on the account with important settings, and second is a more detailed call for a single test. As usual, we’ll

StatusCake API Quick Guides – Adding an Uptime Test

2 min read At StatusCake we’ve got a powerful and ever-growing API which allows you to automate many tasks, and also to take advantage of functions that are not available in-app. The Basics You can communicate with our API through most common coding languages, through this article we will provide code examples in terminal bash, PHP, and Python,

New Functionality: Mixed Content Checking For SSL

2 min read Why is avoiding mixed content on your pages important? Mixed content occurs when the site is accessed over a HTTPS secure connection, but other resources on the page are loaded through an insecure connection. This is defined as “Mixed Content” as both HTTP and HTTPS content are being loaded on the same page when the request

Feature Spotlight: Dashboards

2 min read Dashboards are pages which can show all your StatusCake operations in one place, from your uptime tests to your virus scans, making them a great tool for internal teams to get an instant view of service status as a whole. Once generated the page will be fully optimised to fit nicely on large office monitors.

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