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At StatusCake we have always been keenly aware that we can’t do everything; and we’re not exactly fans of reinventing the wheel!  That’s why from day one we’ve always worked with selected 3rd party partners to give you more power, be it with mobile notifications using the power of Pushover or advanced alert routing with PagerDuty.

There has however been an issue with 3rd party setups, the system had various ways of inserting authentication splattered around the interface and there wasn’t a clean and simple way of keeping those authentication up to date if they spanned several contacts groups… we’ll admit it, it was a right royal mess and that’s why we’re so happy today to announce improvements to how you setup 3rd party applications

From now on to setup any 3rd party integrations we support today and into the future you will need to go to the ‘Account’ tab and from there click ‘3rd Party’. This button will take you to an overview page of your 3rd party setups (if you have any) and will also allow you to add new services. This offers plenty of benefits over the old system of setting up in contact groups

  • You now can update a service
  • Keep track of all your services
  • Updates will reflect on all contact groups using that service
  • You can name services (so no more having to remember which key is what)
  • You can easily send tests at any time

The new setup also makes it a lot easier for us to develop additional 3rd party integrations so we will be keeping an eye out and listening to user feedback on what integrations they would like added to the system.

If you currently have any 3rd party set-up we’ve automatically moved you into the new system – you can go ahead and edit your current keys with a new alias.

In addition to these changes we’ve also added the popular Push notification app for Android, iOS and other platforms – Pushbullet. Pushbullet works in the similar vein to Pushover but is free. You can setup Pushbullet in the 3rd party intergrations!

Read More: StatusCake KnowledgeBase – Using PushBullet for Alerts

Read More About StatusCake Integrations with Slack, HipChat, PagerDuty, PushoverVictorOps, OpsGenie, and Microsoft Teams.


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